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The Second Multicultural Childrearing Research Report
The First Multi-cultural Child-rearing Research

The Second Multicultural Childrearing Research Report

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ž Introduction
ž Survey outline
ž Basic characteristics of children
ž Nationalities and language use at home
ž Basic characteristics of the parents
ž Reasons for living in Japan, working status and place of residence
ž Data1@Sources of information, information sought prior to the admission
ž Data2@Issues faced upon starting preschool
ž Data3@What helped children to adjust preschool?
ž Data4@Communication teachers between parents and preschool
ž Data5@Benefit of preschool
ž Data6@Children's Japanese language ability and their friends
ž Data7@Preschool life concerns
ž Data8@Care arrangements when children are sick
ž Data9@Primary concerns of childrearing
ž Primary concerns of childrearing: detailed description
ž Data10@Parent perception of child-rearing
ž Data11@Social interaction of mothers relating childrearing
ž Data12@Source of information for parenting and education
ž Data13@The most reliable sources of parenting education information
ž Data14@Suggestions and comments from the open question
ž Free comments concerning child-rearing in Japan
ž Conclusion
ž colophon

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The 1st Multicultural Childrearing Research Report |Download|

ž Introduction
@PDF file 45KB

ž Contents
@PDF file 39KB

ž A Summary of Survey
@PDF file 396KB

ž Chapter 1 Topics1-9
@PDF file 176KB

ž Chapter 2 Information in preparation for children attending preschool
@PDF file 107KB

ž Chapter 3 The Children's Life in Preschool
@ PDF file 136KB

ž Chapter 4 Problems of Child-rearing 1
@PDF file 235KB

ž Chapter 4 Problems of Child-rearing 2
@PDF file 235KB

ž Chapter 5 Parental Perceptions of the Child Rearing Network
@PDF file 173KB

ž Chapter 6 Helpful Information and Child Rearing Information Network
@PDF file 143KB

ž Chapter 7 Parent Profiles
@PDF file 224KB

ž Chapter 8 Related Data -Survey of Japanese Mothers-
@PDF file 254KB

ž colophon
@PDF file 81KB

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